Our Story

The Church Renewal Lab was born out of a local congregation’s 20 year experience with Spirit-empowered renewal. During those twenty years critical lessons were learned about mission-focused renewal. In 2013 the congregation embraced a vision to support other churches beginning their own renewal journey. This decision led to a partnership with Calvin Seminary’s Institute for Global Church Planting and Renewal. The seminary has provided a helpful theology on the nature and history of the church, coaches, student interns,connection to churches throughout North America and facilities to house this project. To date, 90 churches have participated or are participating in the two-year renewal journey. Those churches are located in West Michigan, Northern New Jersey, Northern Alberta and the Pacific Northwest.

The Church Renewal Lab is led by six dedicated renewal leaders: Rev. Scott Vander Ploeg pastor of Sunlight Community Church in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Rev. Elaine May pastor of Mayfair Church in Grand Rapids, MI, Rev. Larry Doornbos pastor of EverGreen Ministries in Hudsonville, MI, Rev. Kris Vos pastor of Sunlight Church in Lakeworth, FL, Bernita Tuininga director of Volunteers in Service and Rev. Keith Doornbos director of the Lab and former pastor of Providence Church in Holland, MI.